An analysis of many people supporting the death penalty

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Less Support for Death Penalty, Especially Among Democrats

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A majority of white people support the death penalty (63 percent support, 33 percent opposition), basically a flipped image of the way black people feel about the issue (34 percent support, Though most respondents support the death penalty, that support dropped to 53% when people were offered the alternative sentence of life without parole (LWOP), with 44% supporting LWOP.

Why Americans Still Support The Death Penalty

This split has remained fairly constant over the past 3 years, and support for LWOP as grown sine when 61% chose the death penalty and only 29% favored life imprisonment. Inwe asked Americans why they oppose or support the death penalty, and 27% of those opposed to the death penalty cited the imperfect nature of the justice system as their reason.

That was one of the two most common answers; 27% also said the death penalty is wrong/immoral/not our right. Seventy-five percent of whites favor the death penalty, compared with just 46% of blacks (48% of blacks oppose the death penalty).

Support for the death penalty does not appear to vary significantly by age. Among all age groups, roughly 7 in 10 Americans support the death penalty. QuestionPresent a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following people consider the death penalty to be an appropriate punishment in certain cases, whilst others think that there is never a re.

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Death Penalty Statistics

Model answer & Analysis: The Death Penalty. Phuong Nguyen English Professor: Rob House 04/08/ Analysis essay 3 The death penalty is one of the most discussed topics to debate in America, because of the controversy on how many Americans favor execution or oppose it%(4).

An analysis of many people supporting the death penalty
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American Support for Death Penalty Declining, Especially Among Democrats