How can a company with a high roe have a low pe ratio

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Should You Be Impressed By Lowe’s Companies Inc’s (NYSE:LOW) ROE?

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When judging whether a PE ratio is high or low for any stock, compare the stock to others in. The price to earnings ratio (PE Ratio) is the measure of the share price relative to the annual net income earned by the firm per share. PE ratio shows current investor demand for a company share.

A high PE ratio generally indicates increased demand because investors anticipate earnings growth in the future. What types of companies have: a.

A high PE ratio and low market-to-book ratio? Recovering firms like Apple inare expected to rebound from temporarily low earnings levels but will not be able to return to an abnormally high level of ROE due to competition.

PE ratio looks high due to low current earnings. b. A high PE ratio and a high market-to-book ratio? “Rising stars” which are expected to grow quickly %(21). Sep 24,  · Its fairly intuitive that a company with a high CAP and high ROE should have a high PE. But these permutations have thrown a few insights For similar CAP and growth rates a company having an ROE of 20 % should have a PE which is times that of a company with an ROE of 10%.Author: Rohit Chauhan.

Benefits of a high debt to equity ratio.

Apple Inc PE Ratio (TTM):

A high debt-equity ratio can be good when a firm can easily service its debt obligations (through cash flow) and is using the leverage to increase equity returns. In the example below, we see how using more debt (increasing the debt-equity ratio) increases the company’s return on equity (ROE).

Under Armour Inc PE Ratio (TTM)

A business that has a high return on equity is more likely to be one that is capable of generating cash internally.

For the most part, the higher a company's ROE compared to its industry, the better.

How can a company with a high roe have a low pe ratio
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