How to make t shirt using duct

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Make Your Own Punk Shirt

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T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Bag (Free Pattern)

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Anytime Bible Crafts and Activities For Sunday School Lessons

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33 Amazingly Awesome Duct Tape Projects

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In retail stores, they speed up the process by using a folding board. You could just use a really long t-shirt instead of pants, if you're mostly using this form to make dresses.

You'd probably want to add cardboard on the bottom to seal that edge, but it's still another option. If you’d like to fold the t-shirt in half you can cut both sleeves at once so that they are identical.

Or, if your material is too thick to cut them both at once, you can cut one, then fold it in half and use the cut side as a guide for the next sleeve.

Prisoner Costume

Making homemade toys for baby is incredibly fun and addictive. Few baby crafts are more rewarding than handmade toys. Once you see a child play with and enjoy something you personally made you won't.

T-shirt Vinyl Hardware: almost the same as for vinyl signmaking. Since both sign making and CAD T-shirt graphics are vector based processes, the essential hardware for making T-shirts is almost the same as that for making vinyl signs.

You’ll need a personal computer, a. Explore Madi Graham's board "DUCT TAPE!" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Duct tape, Duct tape projects and Duct tape stuff.

How to make t shirt using duct
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