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Prep for the SAT at your speed with Kaplan's Self-Paced SAT course. With 40 hours of recorded instruction, 8 SAT practice tests, customized quiz bank, and SAT prep book, you'll get the prep you need to get the score you want. These are very thorough and go into much greater detail than most SAT Writing test prep books.

A lot of these topics, such as prepositional idioms, are things you will need to study if you are aiming for a high score. There is an excellent guide to the essay section.

Finally, this. Best SAT Essay Guide: IES Test Prep’s New SAT Essay Practice Book Buy on Amazon Although the SAT essay is now optional, it’s still important for many students: Many top schools still require it to apply for admission, and many others require it if you want to be considered for a merit scholarship.

This book on SAT essay evidence has turned out to be my most popular SAT Writing book, selling copies daily in countries across the world!

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This book is a organized resource that helps you decide “what to write about” for your SAT essay. Study with our network of + Elite Ivy League teachers in person or online around the world for your TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE & MCAT!

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