Spanish word that sounds like essay

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Spanish Pronunciation

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One word that gets used frequently sounds like "piso".

What Does

One gang or cartel will pay a "piso" (or however it is spelled) to another gang/cartel to operate in their territory. Judging from the context, my impression is that the word means something like "offering" or "toll".

Jun 29,  · 'Slurp' is a real word, and is for a soft drink or hamburger loaded (I certainly don't slurp my martinis). I use 'Ak!' a lot, for physically or spiritually repellent things (that's why you don't see it.

Spanish language in the Americas

Onomatopoeia is that vowelly word where the meaning sounds like what it is. He sounds like an actor with a vowelly shopping-mall accent, and I never fully believed him. Instead, the poem sounds like an essay written in the professional mode of literary criticism.

Jan 01,  · Overview - The Sounds Correct pronunciation of Spanish words makes everything about the language easier for you, and those you speak to, to understand.

This section will focus on the "sounds" of Spanish including .

Spanish word that sounds like essay
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how do you spell the Spanish word "essay" and what dose it mean? | Yahoo Answers